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June 29, 2012
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Chubbanimals- Kittehmoticons by trenchmaker Chubbanimals- Kittehmoticons by trenchmaker
:star: Please Read! :3
... I probably get kicked in the booty for uploading it, but to make some (or more) people a bit happy.... >_<

It's one of the *beeeepsecretnumberalot* pages I'm currently working on for my Chubbanimals Project. I think Lew and I started working on the first bunch of final pages back in... November (?...orz... long time ago).

Normally I need around 4 days for a page with lots of different backgrounds 'n details and actual story but this one took only 1 day. Obviously. ;)

The project will be launched in autumn- if you want to see more peeks and get the final webpage-link and so on, check my journal here or my blog:
I try to update as often as I can...

The pages are sketched on paper, scanned, flatted by flat-cat Lew ( :iconenonea: ) and colorated in Photoshop.

The final lettering is still missing since I won't be doing it (I leave it to the letter-fairies... in all languages). So you have to bear with my doodle notes.

The original strip:

I wanted to upload the new one to show that hopefully nobody should be scared about "the new look" and honestly I like this version much better... my style changed a lot in 1 1/2 years and I think it's improvement. I hope so at least.

Again a huge thanks to everybody who supported Chubs and gave me hugs now and than and wrote me totally nice mails/notes/postcards :heart: Without all the feedback I got this wouldn't have been possible. Chubs was born here on Deviantart and it will always be the home of my chubby squishy animals. :heart:

At the moment I'm busy for Hans im Glück (a board-game again... a cool one... yes, the very very cool job I mentioned)and hope I can switch back to comic pages in two weeks. I miss them a lot and I have so many ideas I really want to finalize.

Chubbanimals © Anne Pätzke & Tokyopop Germany

Please do NOT reupload, edit, copy bla bla... you know the rules and please respect them.

Regarding wallpapers, gimmicks and so on: those are planned but will be included in the launch. You'll get all the cute galore you want. In autumn.

Long comment is long.. sorry >_<
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